Persol Sunglasses Review with The Urban Gentry

September 8, 2015
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Aaron Marino of alpha m. presents The Urban Gentry’s response to Alpha’s Wayfarer video.

Tristano thinks Persol sunglasses are the best and quality. First, he first differentiates between luxury and quality. He also talks about how branding and quality come into play, which he compares Persol and RayBan that are owned by the same parent company. RayBan is a lot bigger brand that has outsourced manufacturing to China whereas Persol is still manufactured in the same factory in Italy.

Persol and RayBand have different heritage.Persol has that 60s chic, romantic and iconic appeal. RayBan originally started as aviation sunglasses for the Air Force with highly tinted and polarized lenses.  Additionally, Persol are still hand-made with details that make for a better fit. He also talks about the iconic hinge and art deco arrow which brings a kind of touch of sophistication from that period to modern sunglasses. These are very low key and understated.

The quality, craftsmanship, attention to details, and hand-made with high standards, Persol is made with the best materials and best technology available. You can really feel it. RayBan has mass produced manufacturing so the level of detail, refinement, and craftsmanship is lacking compared to Persol.

The price comparison between the Persol and RayBan is close. The quality is not close however, and you get a lot more from the Persol. Both brands have stood the test of time and will always be in style. Persol lasts longer than RayBan – they are so iconic and sophisticated. They reek of quality.

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