8 Features ONLY Men with HIGH Testosterone Levels Have!

February 15, 2023
A few weeks ago, I published a video discussing warning signs of a low testosterone level and the steps to correct it. Now I want to go over signs that you’re testosterone level is high and easy ways to maximize your testosterone production.

High testosterone levels may cause heart and blood pressure problems. You may often feel aggressive and have difficulty controlling your temper. You may also have a high sex drive. If you’re always thinking about or wanting sex, this may be a sign of high testosterone. Find your baseline so the doctor can check it when you go in for yearly physicals. If it becomes low, you may need lifestyle modifications to boost it.

You have high testosterone if you have … 

  1. Deep voice and pronounced Adam’s apple. When you go through puberty, testosterone affects your vocal cord lengthening, making them thicker and causing a deeper voice.
  2. Big weiner. High testosterone levels going through puberty will develop larger Big Al and the Twins. Taking testosterone will not grow a bigger Big Al, however. Keep in mind the size of your junk is also genetic.
  3. Acne or breakouts. Blemishes are a sign that your body is cranking in terms of testosterone.
  4. Abundant body hair. Having a nice full beard at a young age or developing pubic hair extra early is a sign that your testosterone levels were/are high during puberty.
  5. Strong and structured jaw. Having a more pronounced chin points to having higher testosterone levels. If your jaw is weak due to high body fat, drop weight, which will help your jawline and solidly impact your testosterone level.
  6. Longer ring finger than the index finger. If your ring finger is significantly longer than your index finger, you are exposed to higher hormone levels while developing as a fetus.
  7. Balding. High testosterone levels may translate into getting a lot of hair right away. That high testosterone correlates with dihydrotestosterone, a sex hormone linked to male pattern baldness and premature baldness. Taking synthetic testosterone or anabolic steroids also causes hair loss from the DHT. You can buy products that block DHT or reduce it, such as at Bosley.
  8. Nice shoulder-to-waist ratio. Broad shoulders are a sign of high muscularity and high testosterone. If you easily pack on muscle or build mass, you have adequate, if not high, testosterone levels.

How to maintain high T levels 

  • Keep your body fat in check.
  • Eat a healthy diet. Avoid processed crap.
  • Don’t drink out of plastics that contain BPA, a dangerous EDC.
  • Get in the gym. Do heavy lifts such as squats, deadlifts, and bench.
  • Don’t smoke or drink.

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