12 Popular Men’s Trends That Women Actually HATE!

December 8, 2022
I have a few popular men’s trends that women absolutely hate. Some are style, some are social, and some are etiquette related. Many guys do these because they think it’s super cool, but women actually find them incredibly unattractive.

What you think is popular is not to her!

  1. Being a slut. I don’t care if it’s cool or if your buddy is banging thousands of women. Don’t think for a second that she wants to be with a dude that’s been with her friends.
  2. Bragging & boasting. It’s a total turn-off! This includes excessive selfies and pictures on social media. Some people may think a guy is killing it when he’s arrogant and egotistical dick. That’s not sexy.
  3. Excessive selfies. Don’t post selfies on social media all the time. And my mind is blown when young dudes take pictures of themselves at the gym. I can’t get on a piece of equipment because a dude is too busy flexing and taking pictures of himself. He looks like a tool and a douche!
  4. Wife beaters & tank tops. Tank tops and wife beaters make men look foolish. You can tell you work out without wearing clothes that are too revealing or skin type.
  5. Extreme sizing. Whether or not clothing is big baggy oversized, or super skin-tight, wear clothes that accentuate your positive attributes and minimize your perceived negatives. That’s why it Cuts is my favorite casual clothing company. Their shirts fit snugly in the chest and arms but not tight in the body. They have perfected the fit of their clothing, including joggers.
  6. 24/7 baseball hat. I personally don’t like a baseball hat backward because it looks douchey. But if you’re going to wear a baseball hat, wear it forward. Just don’t wear it all the time.
  7. Nail polish & makeup. Sure, use cover-up for pimples or to reduce bags. But otherwise, most women don’t prefer makeup like eyeliner unless you’re Jason Momoa.
  8. Long hair. Sure some dudes look sexy with long hair, but you’re not him. Neither am I. But women do dig man buns.
  9. Too much fragrance. Everyone should wear a signature scent, but don’t wear too much. It’s an automatic turn-off.
  10. Monster beards. These big beards are a no-go. Keep your beard tidy and neat.
  11. Texting too much. Less is more. Chill out and be more mysterious.
  12. High-maintenance. If you spend too much time making sure you’re looking super sexy and ultra-good-looking, that can be a bit of a turn-off. Don’t be a high-maintenance diva.

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