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BY AlphaM May 11, 2012


Prevent Clothes Shrinkage

Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses how to prevent shrinking clothes when doing laundry. You invest money into your men’s wardrobe, and you don’t want to screw-up the clothes by washing or drying. Be sure to look at the tag. If the tag says to ‘dry clean only’, follow the instructions. Also don’t have anyone else do your laundry.

First rule of doing laundry: separate color and whites to prevent bleeding of colors. Next rule of doing laundry: the water temperature for wash / rinse clothes should be set at cold / cold. Fading and shrinkage will be prevented. Third rule of doing laundry: have the clothes dried in dryer or hang-dry: button-up shirts should be hung to dry then either take them to the dry cleaner to press or you can iron them. If you want to stick everything else in the dryer, go for it, but watch out for wool items and sweaters as they will shrink!   Also do not put designer jeans in the dryer. You can lay them down over the washer / dryer then tumble on low to get the wrinkles out and soften. Men, we spend so much time talking about fit to throw something in the dryer and shrink it. When in doubt, hang it.

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