10 Psychological Tricks to Be 10X MORE CONFIDENT!

March 30, 2022
Every single aspect of your life will get better if you feel great about yourself. Unlock your inner confidence! I grew up insecure about myself, but in my 30s, I learned how to be confident and self-assured. Here are my psychological tricks.

Techniques to subliminally build your confidence

  1. Feel scared and insecure from time-to-time — being nervous is normal, but have the ability to push through to make sh!t happen because even confident men feel scared or insecure sometimes.
  2. Stop self-sabotaging — don’t listen to that negative voice in the back of your head. Stop the self-limiting beliefs, and instead, cheer yourself on.
  3. Wear a nice watch — I discovered this by accident. When I bought the watch, I felt more confident psychologically. I get a boost of confidence when I look at my wrist.
  4. Dress better than other people — this doesn’t mean spending more money. I was broke and insecure as a young man, but I challenged it by dressing impeccably. I was transformed from the outside in.
  5. Have a handsome face — you need clear skin, so you need to take care of it. Your skin radiates, making yourself more confident. Tiege Hanley has kits with everything you need to look amazing: https://tiege.com/10XMORE
  6. Learn to say ‘no’ — I used to be a huge people pleaser, which sabotages your confidence.  You will feel incredible when you learn to say ‘no.’
  7. Get toxic people out of  your life — if they hold you back or make you feel badly about yourself, you will gain confidence by limiting exposure or getting them out of your life. They are not good for you.
  8. Try things that scare you — step outside of your box. Your confidence will rise because you realize it wasn’t that bad. Regret is the worst possible scenario, even if you fail. Risk it for the biscuit!
  9. Do something good for your body daily — even if it’s switching soda for water, getting out in the sun, eating better, getting exercise. Take an active role in yourself.
  10. Help other people — you will get an incredible feeling from giving of yourself, and your happiness and outlook will change. You will be the most confident in every room.

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