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BY Debbie Probst February 2, 2017


Quick and Easy Way to Tie a Bow Tie

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Bow Ties | How to Tie and Wear
How To Tie A Bow-Tie | Easy Guide To Bow Tie Knots | Best BowTie Video Tutorial
In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro says that there’s nothing that strikes fear in the hearts of modern  men than the idea that they have to tie a bow tie as evidenced at recent wedding that Alpha attended where the men were all freaking out about tying bow tie.

Practice! It’s a cool skill to have, and successfully tying one is manly satisfying like changing a tire. Self-tied bow ties should be a bit a little asymmetrical. They shouldn’t look like they were pre-tied and off-the-rack. Bow ties aren’t that complex and complicated as Alpha demonstrates.

Quick and Dirty Bow Tie Tying Tutorial

  • Determine the length of the bow tie by going to 4th button and align (adjust down and up accordingly depending on width of your neck)
  • Make one side a bit longer
  • Cross long end over short end
  • Thread the long end underneath, pull through, lay over shoulder
  • Take end that is dangling and fold into bow
  • Take end over neck goes down over center
  • Pinch two ends together
  • With the little hole, thread back-end through (holding and pinching)
  • Make a little bow like you’re tying your shoe
  • Let go and grab opposite ends to gradually tighten the bow
  • You now have one loop on one side and one loop in the back on the other side (both loose)
  • Adjust
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