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Instagram | Aaron Marino – for the next audition announcement! You’ll have 2 week notice to get your video submission together. A prerequisite is that you have to get to Atlanta, GA on your own.
In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaMAaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro  posted a video on Instagram about this new series. As a result, Max became the first participant of Alpha’s new show Quick Style Fix.

Max has turrets syndrome which is a physiological disorder consisting of ‘tics’ and possibly fainting. In middle school, he was heavy – but now he’s slimmed down, is attending college, and is a musician.

Max had a great time with the shopping spree. They went a bit over the $500 budget purchasing 3 button-up shirts, 2 short sleeves, 1 oxford, 4 v-neck tees, 2 pair jeans, 2 pair shorts, and shell-toe Adidas. The trip to the salon consists of leaving it longer on top but tighter on the sides. Alpha uses Pete & Pedro Putty to style the new cut.

Back at the studio, they show Max’s transformation. The first outfit features a bomber jacket, Buffalo tee, slim fit jeans, and MVMT shades & watch. Max’s 2nd outfit features the oxford, light-wash jeans, MVMT watch, and Adidas. Max loves the outfits, thanks Alpha for the experience, and expressed what the new wardrobe means to him. He’s incredibly grateful.

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