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A bad habit is something that we do that is detrimental to our health, happiness, and / or prosperity. Bad habits are made on a persistent and consistent basis. Some habits are bad like biting nails and procrastination; whereas, some are downright dangerous like alcohol, drugs, and tobacco.

Alpha used to dip and was addicted to 2 cans a day for almost twenty years! Trying to stop is tough. He couldn’t imagine his life without nicotine. But he kicked the habit! He has been so much healthier and happier since, and he is most proud of this accomplishment.

Quitting a bad habit is a gift yourself. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro discusses how to quit a bad habit in 8 steps. 

Here’s How Alpha Did It!

  1. Identify your bad habit
  2. Decide to quit for nobody else but you
  3. Visualize your life without your bad habit in it
  4. Create an action plan (and execute!)
  5. Identify triggers and remove them from your life
  6. Start a new hobby that is productive and beneficial
  7. Have someone hold you accountable
  8. Keep doin’ it!


If you need professional help, make sure you seek it!