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Vincero Watches
In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM AaronMarino Pete & Pedro Tiege Hanley ENEMY is blowing ZERO smoke up your butt. He’s going over REAL reasons why you’re still single even though you’re awesome.

Don’t Get Pissed! Promise You Can Handle This Tough Love Before Proceeding …

  1. Kissing her ass and letting her walk all over you
  2. Having unrealistic expectations — thinking everything should be perfect. Relationships aren’t easy; you have to put in the work. You can’t be selfish.
  3. Self-sabotaging in your relationships — be honest with the selection of women you are choosing
  4. Not being happy with who you are — you need to feel secure & confident. But until you put your issues & demons to bed, you won’t be happy & healthy in a relationship.
  5. Not taking pride in your appearance –this includes grooming and style
  6. Expecting it to just happen — she won’t just knock on your door. You need to put in the work!
  7. Because Alpha stole your girl — he’s just kidding. He screwed up and missed #7 
  8. Being afraid of trying — the voice in the back of your head is winning. Nothing great was ever accomplished by not trying. Don’t live with regret — seize the senorita!
  9. Waiting for perfect timing — this will never happen. You need to make the most to today, so go after what you want and grab it.
  10. Not being committed to the Alpha M channel — watching all of Alpha’s videos will boost your confidence

The Difference Between Landing a Spicy Senorita … and Not

Wearing a watch may be the difference between landing a spicy senorita and not — watches let the world know you’re responsible, reliable, and have incredible taste. Aaron loves his new Vincero watch for these reasons. His watch is from Vincero’s new Vessel Collection which is inspired by traditional and classic dive watches.

BUT there is nothing traditional about this bad boy — it features a screw-down crown, is water resistant up to 200-meters, and has an internal rotating bezel. It’s bold and beautiful with its luminescent hands, like an Omega but without the hefty price-tag! Vincero watches are affordable luxury with super high-end high quality that won’t break the bank.  18,000 five-star reviews — people love them!