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Stepping Down at Pete & Pedro Video
The other day Alpha posted a video about how he’s hiring someone to run Pete & Pedro. He said that he growth has been substantial, but the company can be bigger and better. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaMAaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro  says there was a comment under the video that got him thinking. The comment said that he should be satisfied with 100% growth and that he’s being ‘greedy’.

Greed versus Success

Alpha has been thinking of this comment and about being greedy. He thinks that greed can be beneficial and incredibly advantageous. The word ‘greed’ has bad connotations – people are coveting and trying to get as much power as possible. Reciprocally ‘success’ is received positively. All greed is not created equal. There’s the greed where people do shady things to enrich themselves versus the greed where you make a lot of money by running a business that you started from ground up (aka success).

Business Growth | Greed or Success?

Business growth can be measured through financial growth metrics. There should no apologies for this type of success. If business success and growth is defined by revenue & profit, that goal is what you set out to do. There’s no reason why a business owner should apologize for this. Money is a good thing, and you shouldn’t be embarrassed about wanting it or apologize for earning it. You can be successful financially AND make a positive impact on the world at the same time.

Why Greed Can Be Good

1. Money is a motivator

2. Greed gives you focus

3. A goal lets you know what you’re doing daily

4. When you have means, you have freedom of options

5. Achievement feels good