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BY admin October 5, 2020


7 Reasons You’re NOT as Attractive as You THINK!

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In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness, and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM¬† AaronMarino Pete & Pedro Tiege Hanley ENEMY discusses how certain things a man does can make him unattractive. Thus, you may not be as attractive as you think. Why?

You are unattractive because of …

  1. Laziness — men who work hard and are motivated are viewed as more attractive. Be goal-oriented.
  2. Over-sexualizing the senoritas — don’t make inappropriate comments; don’t always talk about chicks & sex.
  3. Dressing like sh!t — your style is your responsibility; make sure to wear clothes that are in good condition and fit properly. Strapped for cash? Visit thrift stores, second-hand stores, and discount racks to find incredible deals.
  4. Having whack hair — your hairstyle should be right for your face shape; if your hair is thinning, either buzz it off or visit Bosley for a solution at any stage of hair loss. If you choose to buzz, add facial hair or some cool frames to balance your face. If you choose to keep it, try Bosley’s low-level laser therapy cap like Alpha’s been using every other day for 30-minutes.
  5. Not being authentic — posting pictures and stories on social media trying to be someone you’re not isn’t attractive. It looks like you’re trying too hard. Be comfortable in your own skin, owning your issues and insecurities.
  6. Talking loudly in public — this also goes for close talkers because there’s nobody worse who invades your space.
  7. Being self-righteousness — these are the most morally corrupt and bankrupt individuals.

BONUS: not being humble — don’t be a showoff!





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