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In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM AaronMarino Pete & Pedro Tiege Hanley ENEMY has recently taken his own advice — getting toxic person out of his life.

Alpha’s embarrassed

He considered this person a true friend — but this person kept hurting Alpha’s feelings repeatedly. Alpha kept believing their bullsh!t — like 37xs. He wanted to be their friend, but it’s a messed up situation. He’s embarrassed he let someone treat him this way. How many times does a person need to hurt your feelings until you say that’s enough? You want to believe them that they didn’t mean to hurt you.

… and feels like a hypocrite.

What clicked is when Alpha watched his own video about toxic people. He felt like a hypocrite. It’s finally time to say enough! If they continuously do something, are they going to change? No. They aren’t necessary ‘bad’ people, but they are bad for you, and it’s okay to want more and expect more out of a relationship.  Toxic people aren’t necessarily ‘bad’ people — you are collateral damage to their issues. What you need, however, they are toxic, and it’s okay that you acknowledge that. Shutting the door is hard. So Alpha has to think of the person as ‘dead’.

You deserve nothing but the best. You need to be around those who love you, encourage you, and lift you up. If they are dragging you down, you need to shut the door and love yourself to say ‘no’ you don’t get to treat me that way. They won’t change and they won’t be the person you don’t want them to be.

Big decisions may have to be made.

Sometimes this person may be someone super close — but you still have to figure out how to remove the toxic energy. It may mean a big decision, but in order to be emotionally stable and happy, you can’t be around people that make you feel bad about yourself. You should invest in and embrace relationships that supportive and encouraging. Negative people need to get our of your life.

Alpha’s been dealing with this relationship for years — now it’s been 6-months since he’s talked to this person. He feels so much better now. He just can’t be friends with this person — not even talk to. If you have someone like this, where you are giving more than you’re getting, remove them. It takes will power not to give them another chance and patch things up. You have to honest with yourself to realize the person really isn’t your friend.

You have one life — make sure the people you invest in are doing the same with you. Not everyone is right for you — run from toxic people because you deserve better.