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BY admin January 2, 2020


I Took {Cold Showers} for 30-Days & was SHOCKED by the Results!

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Cold Showers: Beneficial or Bullsh#t?
Tiege Hanley
In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM¬† AaronMarino Pete & Pedro Tiege Hanley ENEMY has only taken cold showers for the last month. And now he wants to share his results. His previous experiment was for 5-days and went gradually cold by the end of the shower. Reported benefits are after 30-days which Alpha had only did 5-days. This time he went the full 30-days.

What He Can’t Report On

He can not report on his sperm count or his testosterone levels as he has no idea. His achy muscles are always achy as well because he works out like a savage.

Alpha’s Results

Take cold showers for 30-days resulted in the following:

  • Alpha noticed that a cold shower makes him feel great, especially with his seasonal mood.
  • It also helped with his motivation as he’s thinking clearer.
  • It all boils down to that ‘moment’ when you get into that cold shower. Cold showers can teach you to overcome that mindset to run. You will learn to charge forward!
  • His alertness was heighten, and after 30-seconds, it wasn’t ‘that bad’.
  • His time in the shower was reduced too.
  • Further, his skin benefited. Hot showers strip the moisture from your skin; the cold skin is better for your skin.

Your facial skin should also be taken care of with a skincare routine including washing 2xs a day with a facial wash, 2xs a week exfoliating to reduce blackheads & blemishes, and moisturizing in the morning with SPF and night for nutrients to rebuild. That’s a basic skincare routine that will make you look better today and more handsome in the future. Tiege Hanley has all of these in their Level 1 kit — which the kit also comes with an instruction card and a handsomeness hotline. If you are a little older, try Level 2 which adds eye cream as well as Level 3 which adds eye cream AND anti-aging serum. Alpha’s custom link is the best deal you’ll find anywhere:Tiege Hanley

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