The Testosterone MAXING Plan Every Man Should Follow {Science-Based}

August 27, 2023
If you don’t have optimal testosterone levels, you will not kick ass in life. You will not feel as good or look as good. You will not have the libido to get after that spicy action. So today, I will cover the testosterone maxing plan that every man should follow.

Seven steps to higher testosterone levels

STEP ONE | Body Fat: Reduce body fat, especially if it’s over 20%. The quickest action to increase your testosterone naturally is to lose body fat.

STEP TWO | Exercise: High-intensity training is the best thing you can do to boost your testosterone level because your body will reward you when you start lifting heavy. It will release extra testosterone, and you will look and feel better before you know it. Exercising, eating right, and being disciplined will increase testosterone levels.

STEP THREE | Supplement:  Many men are deficient in vitamin D, which affects testosterone and erectile function. Supplement with Vitamin D as well as Zinc. I recommend a whole food natural multivitamin, such as Pete & Pedro’s Men’s Complete.

STEP FOUR | Quality Products: Endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) are everywhere, so your job as a man is to choose higher-quality products free from these harmful ingredients. Look for paraffin and sulfate-free, which typically equate to higher quality products. Check out Pete & Pedro’s natural deodorant, which is aluminum-free and has a longer-lasting formula.

STEP FIVE | Sleep: A recent study took 2,000 teenage and adult men and discovered that if sleep was deficient, testosterone levels diminished. When sleeping 5 hours or less, testosterone levels are 10 to 20 times lower. Make sleep a higher priority.

STEP SIX | Alcohol: Up to 30 minutes after consuming alcohol, testosterone levels drop. If alcohol consumption is frequent, chronic low testosterone levels could result. Also, beer has phytoestrogens, which are plant-based estrogen. The more beer consumed, the higher the estrogen, which means lower testosterone levels. Also, getting drunk may cause poor eating choices, a trickle-down effect of terrible decisions that lead to lower testosterone levels. Do not drink in excess.

STEP SEVEN | Stress:  Reduce your cortisol production, which cortisol is a stress hormone. When stress levels go up, cortisol is released, and testosterone levels go down. Manage stress, or it could literally kill you. High cortisol levels can also cause weight gain and not feeling well.

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