Shake Hands Like a Man | The Importance of a Great Hand Shake

December 10, 2010
Professional male image expert and image consultant, Aaron Marino, talks about how to shake hands professionally.  Your hand shake tells the world who you are and what you are about.  Handshaking is a key element to your professional and personal success. here is nothing more important than mastering the art of shaking hands. You want to come across the best way possible.

Classic Strong Handshake

For the classic strong handshake, go in with a straight hand. Meet the other person’s hand in the web. Don’t be too far away or too close. Right out in front of you — boom! Next, grab firmly and shake three times. If you hold on too long, people will get uncomfortable. No twisting or pulling them towards you either. When you go in to meet this new person, say something like, “Hello! Nice to meet you” and make eye contact. Above all else, don’t ever be the *dead fish* handshake.

Double Handshake

There’s a nice variation to the classic strong handshake. The double handshake is another option by coming in with the other hand, touching their other hand. Alpha personally likes it because they are engaged and happy to meet him. It draws the person in.

What not to do when shaking hands

  • Don’t try to beat them to the punch and squeeze their hand
  • Don’t twist their hand or pull them into you


A good handshake takes practice. Grab your momma, your daddy, your friend, whoever …  and practice shaking hands.

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