10 Signs You’re LESS Attractive Than You THINK!

April 27, 2022
Today’s video comes from a place of tough love. My job is simple: to help align the way that you view yourself with the way that others perceive you. Unfortunately, if you’re making some of the mistakes I’m talking about today, you are not as attractive as you think you are.

Mistakes making you unattractive

  1. Being a whiny ass – there’s nothing sexy about someone who is always whining and complaining.
  2. Having funky breath – stinky breath will be the cause of people running away.
  3. Being a jerk – kindness is one of the most attractive things that anyone can do as it will automatically boost appearance. But being a jerk or egomaniac will do the exact opposite.
  4. Being sloppy – take pride and ownership of your physical appearance. Whether you have jiggly man boobs or you need to improve your grooming game, take care of yourself.
  5. Having a face that sucks – if you don’t take care of your face the way you need to, you will not be handsome now or into the future. Wash your face twice a day, use moisturizer with an SPF in the morning, use a moisturizer at night time, and exfoliate. Tiege Hanley takes all the guesswork out of taking care of your face.
  6. Not dressing with purpose and intention – think about what you’re going to wear. Make sure your clothes aren’t wrinkled and that they fit properly.
  7. Bragging – bragging is toxically unattractive. Being low-key and humble will make you more attractive.
  8. Being lazy – work harder to keep that person happy.
  9. Overreacting – don’t get bent out of shape just because somebody disagrees with you.
  10. Not having emotional control – be calm and cool under pressure. Don’t freak out over stupid and insignificant stuff.

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