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When it comes to our bodies, we are are own worst critic. We see all of our flaws where others perceive you differently. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM AaronMarino Pete & Pedro Tiege Hanley ENEMY says we are so hard on ourselves when it comes to our looks.

Signs Your Body Is Banging!

  1. Your neck is the same size as your bicep
  2. Your ratios are spot on — (a) Height to waist ratio — divide your height (in) by waist (in) & a number greater than 2 is amazing. If your waist is 50% of your height, you have a classically proportioned body. If your waist is 45 to 47 percent of your height, then your physique is amazing. (b) Waist to shoulder ratio — waist measurement multiplied by 1.618. Your chest should be 10-12 inches larger than your waist.
  3. Body fat is under 20% — Body fat for athletes usually falls between 6-13%, those who regularly workout between 14-17%, and average guys between 18-24%. Body fat above 25% needs to be addressed because it’s a little bit dangerous. You need to see the outline of your abs — shoot for under 20%. Keep in mind that BMI is bullsh!t, because it doesn’t take into consider muscle mass. The only way you can assess body fat is body fat calipers or the Digital Body Analyzer Scale. It tells you the your weight in tenths of pounds and body fat — it will tell the percentage,  lean muscle mass, water weight, and bone density. This scale is accurate and tells your entire story. Normally $125, it’s 60% off ($50!). It’s a tool every single one of you has in his arsenal: with code ALPHAM50. 
  4. You suffer from pocket flare — it means your booty is luscious and your package is grande
  5. You are vascular — it’s a sign your body fat is low.
  6. You buy slim fit shirts — game over, you win! Standard size is cut like a box.
  7. You workout — you are active and sweat. Your body is better than you realize.