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BY admin March 1, 2019


TOP 10 {Skinny Guy} Tips to Look BETTER

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This video goes out to all the skinny dudes in the Alpha M. House! Alpha doesn’t think you look bad being skinny. But in this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro says there are some things skinny guys can do in regard to your style and grooming to look more studly and aesthetic.

Style + Grooming Tips for Thin Men

  1. If you are thin, wear clothes that fit your body (not too big).
  2. Black makes you look slimmer — light colors will make you look a big larger.
  3. Polos are perfect — the collar makes the neck look a bit larger, the ‘V’ draws the eye down making your shoulders look broader, and the arm band makes your guns look bigger.
  4. Don’t wear accessories (watches (36-40), glasses) that overwhelm your proportions.
  5. Facial hair is tricky — facial hair makes  your proportions look smaller.
  6. Choose the appropriate hairstyle — no big styles and no super tight sides.
  7. If you’re small, don’t wear an unstructured bomber. Wear a structured motorcycle jacket with more substance, shoulder detail, and ‘V’ lapel. Pea-coat and topcoats are also amazing choices: masculine structured shoulder and double breasted closure that broad & sexy.
  8. Sleeve length is important too — pop those sleeves up and show those triceps (even if it’s not huge).
  9. Pants need to be slim fit and not super long (no bunching and gathering around the ankle). Also look for chinos with flaps on the rear pockets.
  10. BE CONFIDENT — don’t be insecure.

Make Your Proportions Look LARGER

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