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BY Debbie Probst December 7, 2016


Your Jeans TOO Tight? | 6 Signs You Look Like a Sausage In Your Skinny Jeans

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Anson Belt and Buckle
Jeans need to fit like a glove. But if the jeans don’t fit, you need to quit wearing those tight-ass things! In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro discusses the difference between denim perfection and looking like a pork chop.

With all the different cuts of jeans, you only need to concern yourself with straight, slim, and skinny. The straight are the largest, and skinny is the slimmest. So, the slim is a hybrid between the straight and skinny. When you try on the jeans, do the new jeans squat to break the fibers.

Are Your Jeans Too Tight?

  1. Seeing penis detail
  2. Do you look like a chick?
  3. If you can’t go 90 degrees comfortably
  4. You need a spot to take them off
  5. The Friend Test
  6. Pants that won’t stay up on your butt, even with a belt


Anson Belt and Buckle | The Best Belt for Skinny Jeans

Alpha says Anson Belt and Buckle is the best belt he’s ever worn. The belt is one-size-fits-all, and Alpha displays how to customize by cutting off the excess. The buckle is then inserted and locked down. Alpha is an Anson Belt Fan Boy! The belts are “ridiculous”, and Alpha has not worn another belt since StyleCon. The best deal is 3 straps and 2 buckles for $100.

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