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Leather Jacket Shopping VLOG
Cool Light Weight Scarfs
In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM¬† AaronMarino Pete & Pedro Tiege Hanley ENEMY WANTS you TO STEAL these style tricks.

Be a Thief of These Tricks

  1. Graphic tees have been misunderstood for years. You can elevate the style of the graphic tee by throwing a dressy or driving jacket over it.
  2. If you are a short dude, sleeves are too long many times. You will look like a little kid wearing your daddy’s jacket. You can actually shorten the sleeves. If you are buying a pea coat or driving jacket, you don’t want to lose the proportion. Instead, the tailor will remove the sleeve to shorten it.
  3. One of Alpha’s all time favorite style accessories is a light-weight scarf. You can find them at department stores and even Target. You can also find them on Amazon — see Alpha’s links he found for you. He prefers two ways to wear his scarf which he demonstrates.
  4. Don’t wear your sunglasses on your head or in your shirt. You can safely secure your sunglasses by utilizing the last unbutton button on your shirt by threading the arm through. You can even spin jump and those glasses aren’t going anywhere. Check out ENEMY, Alpha’s premium sunglasses company. He spared no expense in the development: Italian Mazzucchelli acetate, Zeiss lenses, breakaway hinges, and larger XL. These are under $100 — and even less with the discount code and FREE US shipping! Use code GETYOUROWN20 for 20% OFF entire order
  5. If you have a pair of leather shoes or boots that are too tight, use a hairdryer and heavy socks. With the heavy socks on your feet, use the hairdryer on high on the places that need to be loosened. Hold about 30-45 seconds, and don’t hold the dryer too close. Walk around to cool them off.
  6. To get your new leather jacket to break-in faster, do push-ups in the jacket for about a week. It should fit like a stylish leather hug, but it still needs to break-in. The more you wear it and the more you move, the more perfect the jacket will be. You can also mist it down, and then do the push-ups and wear it while it’s drying. Want to know what leather jacket Alpha’s wearing or what brand to buy, check out Alpha’s Leather Jacket Shopping VLOG