10 Things That Make Men Look MORE Masculine

April 26, 2024
Some items a man wears, such as earrings or Toms, will make him look more feminine. On the flip side, some items that men wear will instantly make them look more masculine. Today, I want to review some of those items if you want to look more masculine.

Style items that are manly perfection

  1. Carhartt. You look more rugged if you’re rocking something constructed of denim or canvas. 
  2. Denim. Denim shirts are a must-have if you want to look manly and mysterious. A badass pair of jeans will show off your booty, but make sure they’re not sagging in the crotch. Also, ensure they have minimal distress and are not too tight. A denim jacket, such as a trucker jacket, is one of the most rugged and masculine jackets available. It has an edge and looks incredible with many different style items. Denim on denim has become more acceptable — make sure you have a high contrast between the jacket and the pants. 
  3. Tank tops. A tank top will increase your manliness level if you work out and have guns or a decent body. 
  4. Well-tailored suit. To maximize your aesthetic when wearing a suit, ensure it’s tailored. You can’t have a bunch of extra fabric in the crotch and legs. Also, no belt is preferred because a belt breaks the body. Opt for side adjuster tabs. The jacket is where you can really accentuate your form. Go with a bit of padding in the shoulder to give you more structure, making your waist look smaller. Combine that with a nice peak lapel, drawing the eye down. 
  5. Fitted white button-up. The shirt needs to be fitted. It needs to be built for your body, and nothing else will make you look more devastatingly sexy. If you want to kick it up a notch, expose a little man cleavage. 
  6. Boxer briefs. Sheath underwear is the most masculine. The pair I recently got is made of bamboo and elastin. They’re so crazy soft. They’re better because the dual pouch keeps you dryer, fresher, and healthier. 
  7. Fitted t-shirt. A perfectly fitted t-shirt doesn’t get any better. You will look studly and masculine. Make sure your t-shirt is not big, billowy, or oversized. Opt for colors such as black, which is intimidating and more dominant. I like a v-neck that’s not too deep because it draws the eye down, making your face appear more defined and your shoulders a bit wider. 
  8. Leather jacket. Not all jackets are created equal, however. The bomber jacket is less masculine, with soft, rounded shoulders and nothing up by your neck. The biker jacket is the most masculine a guy can wear. It has a robust structure with more dominant lapels. The moto jacket has a collar and more structure than the bomber. When combined with some badass boots, it’s next-level masculinity. 
  9. Boots. The best choice is a natural toe box that’s not super pointy. Make sure the heel is not too high. Also, a lug soul is very rugged. Leather in a matte finish is a great option. Whether a Chelsea boot, Chukkas, or a cap-toe captain, these are fantastic options. 
  10. Beards. A beard can instantly make a guy look more masculine. You look more rugged and attractive. It will strengthen a weak jaw and is just manly, sexy perfection.

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