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BY Debbie Probst November 16, 2018


6 Secrets to Be MORE Stylish Daddy DIDN'T Teach You!

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I was paid by Dr. Scholl’s to review their exciting new product and give an honest review!
To see a full demo of the Dr. Scholl’s 3D App foot measurement process, check out my first video
You may love your dad, but his style sucks… and it’s certainly not sexy! In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro  is presenting style secrets that your dad didn’t teach you.

1. Polishing shoes – petroleum shoes + old sock

2. Breaking in shoes – 3D printed inserts

3. Dress down a suit with a … Henley

4. De-clutter your wardrobe with the HANGER HACK

5. Straight bar lace

6. Unbutton the 3rd button

Don’t Complain About Your Barking Dogs Like Daddy Did

No need suffer through wearing uncomfortable shoes or breaking in shoes the old school way — use 3D printed inserts. Through an app, Dr. Scholl’s maps your foot in 400+ points for creating custom inserts. They are a game-changer! Alpha wonders where they have been his whole life! Download the app and with 4 photos you will have your feet digitally mapped for incredible support and custom comfort. The instructions are easy to follow — and it’s fun!

Get the alpha m. inspired inserts that are gray with the alpha m. logo! Super sick and hot this season! In two weeks you’ll have your inserts, and you will be walking in style & comfort. Use the AMDRS20  code to get $20! Learn more about Dr. Scholl’s

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