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Aaron Marino of alpha m. wants you to check out this important topic. It’s all about how to buy a suit. As a side note, a medium gray suit is a great investment.

Macy’s having a great sale on suit separates. Always keep your eye out for sales like this. Suit separates are a polyester and aren’t as expensive. You get a benefit of buying them separately which reduces alteration expenses (such as getting the pants hemmed as they will already be hemmed with the suit separate).

Bring the shoes that you will be wearing with the suit when suit shopping. Get a measurement from the sales associate when beginning the suit shopping.  Designer brands will have mid-rise rather than regular rise which is going to be a bit more shallow and not a whole lot of extra room. There should be a single break when you have your shoes on.

Sizing down for the sport jacket will minimize on the alterations. With the jacket, the ‘one size smaller’ gives a slight pull at the center button, which is perfect. The sleeves should come up, as Alpha demonstrates. The double vent is more stylish, European inspired, and allows for more free movement. When walking, always button the top and never the second. The notched lapel and peaked lapel are discussed.

The suit was $280 and was originally $550! That’s ALPHA!