Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses different men’s shoe options to wear with shorts without resorting to tennis shoes.

It’s summer, it’s hot, and you are wearing shorts- make sure your footwear is appropriate:

The first option is the flip flop or thong. It’s a great option to slip on and hang out. Aaron buys women’s flip flops because of the sleeker design and the bottom is not so big and bulky.

Another option is the streamline and sleek fashion sneaker. Aaron prefers Puma and Adidas.  Wear the no-show socks with the fashion sneaker. But, if you go barefoot, make sure to sprinkle with powder. Stay away from athletic shoes.

Another option is the driving moccasin without socks. The Cole Haan’s are comfortable, look good, and durable. They work extremely well with shorts. You can dress them up and down, day and evening.

Boat shoes are the last option, such as Sperry. Aaron has seen them look really good AND look really bad. Aaron doesn’t own any. They are popular with the younger guys these days. Wear them without socks as well.