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SODIAL 50pcs Disposable Sweat Pad Antiperspirant Underarm Shield
Alpha receives package in the mail that he can’t read anything on the package. It’s filled with little envelopes. Aaron Marino of alpha m. realizes these are the sweat protecting pads that he ordered for his dress shirts.

Sweat stains are a bummer. Awhile ago when he was working with a TV channel Pivot, he was given some sweat absorbing pads to help him from sweating through. And they worked! Thereafter, he forgot about them until the other day when he was sweating it up. He researched and found them online, about 50 pads for $6!

The pack contains something that looks like a maxi-pad for your dress shirts. The pad has 2 ends (Alpha’s has the smallest version). Alpha demonstrates how to apply. He also shows how he is sweating through his shirt but not through the armpit pads. The pads are effective and recommended by Alpha.