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Are you ready for summer? Alpha is so ready for summer! In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro is talking about swim suits.

Alpha’s Featured Swimsuits

Nobody can touch John Henric’s when it comes to quality, style, fit, fabric, and price. They sell direct to the consumer with no middleman which means no crazy markups. You’re getting super freakin premium products like all those badass sweaters you guys see Alpha wearing.  Check out Alpha’s custom landing page which also gives you a 30% discount code for anything! They do so much more than knits — sweaters, button-ups, swimsuits, short sleeves, and accessories. John Henric, in Alpha’s opinion, is crushing it like no other company!

Look GOOD in Your Bathing Suit

  1. No Speedos (aka banana hammocks) EVER!
  2. Big, baggy board shorts are a no-go! They will make you look short. Go with a length that shows more thigh — 2 inches above the knee is the longest.
  3. Make sure the suit fits — not too tight, not too baggy.
  4. It’s all about color — bold patterns are in this season. Fun, playful patterns set you apart from other guys. Go with plain up top (like a plain summer oxford) if wearing the patterned bottoms. If the bottoms are plain, you can go for a patterned top.
  5. Bring multiple suits — you have back up if one gets sandy and so you’re not a savage.
  6. Make sure you’re properly manscaped — back and chest hair included.