8 T-Shirts Men Should NEVER Wear

March 24, 2024
T-shirts are a must-have for every stylish dude. They work incredibly well dressed up or down. You can wear them with shorts or chinos or even underneath the suit. But, men’s T-shirts were not created equal. Some can make you look sloppy, while others can make you look like a sex machine. That said, I want to discuss a few T-shirts men should never wear and cover a few T-shirt-wearing pro tips to ensure that the T-shirt you’re rocking always looks sexy.

Look better by NOT wearing these T-shirts

  1. Worn out bacon collars. Do not wear a T-shirt where the collar is all messed up.
  2. Deep v-necks. A simple v-neck can make your shoulders appear broader and draw the eye down. But if the v-neck is super deep, you can look like a super douche. Also, never wear a deep v. It used to be stylish, but it’s not anymore. It shows a lot of man cleavage, which needs to be eliminated from your wardrobe. 
  3. Too long sleeves. If sleeves come down too long, your arms will look skinny. You want to make your guns look jacked by exposing your triceps, which make up 2/3 the size of your arm. So, if your sleeve covers your entire arm, it will look teeny weenie. If your shirt sleeves are too long, cuff them.
  4. Not the proper length. Proper T-shirt proportion is all about nailing the length. Whether it is too short or too long, test to see. First, if you lift your arms up and you can see your midsection, your shirt is too short. When too short, you look like you’re wearing a little boy’s T-shirt. If you’re standing straight and your T-shirt comes to the bottom of your crotch, the shirt is too long. When too long, your legs look super short.
  5. Striped. T-shirts look best when solid because striped men look like little kids. They are less refined and can’t be dressed up. 
  6. Oversized or too tight. These will make you look super skinny and won’t accentuate your positive attributes. Reciprocally, if you see a lot of pulling or whiskering or if you can see your gut, that’s bad. If you lift your arms up, you should not see your midsection.
  7. Athletic. Sports T-shirts like Nike shirts are casual for working out but look too casual for dates or social events. Avoid sports shirts that are super shiny or tight. Also, avoid graphics and logos unless they’re very minimal. You should not have logos if you want to dress up a T-shirt.
  8. Offensive. Even if you think it’s funny, you will look low-budget and low-class when someone sees an offensive graphic or word on your T-shirt. Don’t look like a loser.

What T-shirts you SHOULD wear

If you wear the appropriate T-shirt, you can wear it seamlessly with shorts, jeans, khakis, or even underneath the suit. Make sure the proportions fit you. ‘No pocket’ T-shirts will be more versatile. In my opinion, you should have a white and black T-shirt in your wardrobe. Black can be worn with many looks and is more dangerous and mysterious. White T-shirts can get discolored and yellow pits. Make sure that you inspect your white T-shirts. You can also opt for muted or some dude colors that are more aesthetic and timeless.

My favorite T-shirts come from Cuts, featuring the perfect fit and style, such as a flat front, crew neck, and split hem. Cuts T-shirts fit you strategically snugly in the chest and arms.

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