The Alpha M. Diet Plan

October 9, 2013
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Okay guys, the bottom line is that I eat as simply and cleanly as possible.  I don’t focus on the number of calories as much as I do the quality of the calories I eat. I just concentrate on eating clean rather than calculating calories consumed.  However, when I am attempting to get back into the swing of things, I am stricter to obtain better results.  I don’t use much seasoning when cooking because the more salt consumed,  the more water retained.  I grill a ton a meat, I eat a ton of vegetables, and I drink a bunch of water. The end result is that I quickly see a distinctive difference in my body composition in just a matter of days.

The Alpha M. Eating Plan

The strategy is pretty straight-forward. Follow the formula by picking items and portions from the appropriate categories. Your metabolism will get rolling.  If you feel you need more food, simply increase portion size.


  • Water


Food Option Categories

  • P: Protein
  • C: Carbohydrate
  • V: Vegetable
  • F: Fruit


Meal Formulas

  • Meal 1: P + C + F
  • Meal 2: P + C + (V or F)
  • Meal 3: P + C
  • Meal 4: P + V (Pick two)
  • Meal 5: P + V (Pick two) This meal is optional and greatly depends on what time you get up and when you go to bed.  I would try and eat every 3 to 4 hours.
  • Snack (any time): V


P:  Protein Options / Serving Size
  • Eggs: 6 egg whites (you can boil them or cook them in a pan using non stick spray like PAM.  Season with salt and pepper or a little hot sauce to taste)
  • Low Fat Cottage Cheese: 1 cup
  • Chick Breast: 1 breast (grill, bake, or pan fry with non-stick spray.  Okay to season but DO NOT use marinades because they are full of salt)
  • Lean Beef: 6 oz (Ground Beef 93% lean, Eye of Round cut in to small portions and grilled, baked, fried -or-  London Broil grilled or baked then cut into portions)
  • Pork: 6 oz (Pork Chops lean with fat cut off edge before cooking -or- Pork Tenderloin
  • Fish: 6 oz (any fish is acceptable)
  • Protein Powder Mixed with Water: 1 scoop (around 25g of protein per serving)
  • Deli Meat: Turkey 4 oz. (ask for the low sodium)


C:  Carbohydrate Options / Serving Size
  • Oatmeal: 3/4 cup (make with water and season with artificial sweetener such as Stevia, Splenda, Equal, Sweet n Low, or cinnamon. After cooking, I add a scoop of protein powder to create a chocolate protein oatmeal which is awesome.)
  • High Fiber Cereal: 1 cup with 1/2 cup skim milk
  • Sweet Potato: medium size (microwave wrapped in a paper towel for 5 to 6 minutes on high)
  • Brown Rice: 1 cup
  • Quinoa: 1 cup (actually a seed that is very similar in texture and consistency to couscous. Season with salt & pepper which is quite good)
  • Wheat Berries: 1 cup (incredible grain found in bulk at grocers such as Whole Foods)
  • Whole Grain Bread: 2 slices
  • Low Carbohydrate or Whole Wheat Tortilla: 1
  • Beans: 1/2 can (pinto, garbanzo, or red kidney and look for the low sodium option if buying canned beans)


V: Vegetables

General rule is that if it is *green* you may consume as much as desired- seriously as much as you want!

  • Salads are a great option; however, use a vinegar dressing as opposed to high calorie dressings. Seasoned Rice Wine Vinegar is a personal favorite which can be found in the vinegar section of the grocery store.
  • Broccoli: as much as you want (great steamed with a little salt, pepper and a squeeze of lemon)
  • Yellow Squash: as much as you want
  • Zucchini: as much as you want
  • Green Pepper: as much as you want
  • Celery: as much as you want
  • Cucumber: as much as you want
  • Spinach: as much as you want
  • Lettuce (any kind): as much as you want
  • Green Beans: as much as you want (if canned, purchase the “No Sodium Added” option)
  • Asparagus: as much as you want
  • Radishes: as much as you want
  • Mushrooms: as much as you want
  • Carrots: 2 medium size (note this root contains more sugar than most green vegetables)


F:  Fruit
  • Orange: 1
  • Apple: 1
  • Grapefruit: 1
  • Peach: 1
  • Nectarine: 1
  • Pear: 1
  • Kiwi: 2
  • Tangerine: 2

Seasoning and Condiments

Use these items to give food some taste!

  • Salsa
  • Hot sauce
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Mustard
  • Vinegar
  • Steak sauce
  • Ketchup

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