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Tiege Hanley
In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, Pete & Pedro , Ollie , and ENEMY  says being a celebrity doesn’t mean that you don’t make some incredibly bad grooming mistakes. He’s showing you 7 of his favorite celebrities and having fun with it — here’s how they can improve their grooming game!

Seven Celebrity Grooming Sins

  1. Keanu Reeves has long hair, and he rocks it incredibly well. It tends to get greasy at times, making him look dirty. He could wash  his hair more frequently (once a day), use a dry shampoo, or use baby powder as a hack.
  2. Bleaching trays or strips for Keanu. Veneers for Beckham and Renaldo. Is your smile is not as dazzling as you’d like it? Options are out there for you to improve yours.
  3. Casey Neistat has amazing hair and nose, which his nose is dominant feature. He’s clean shaven, so he could grow a light beard or stubble to balance his face. Facial hair is an incredible way to balance your own facial features.
  4. Gary Vaynerchuk gets better looking with age, but he’s a very hairy dude. Take the bulk out of eyebrows with small scissors and a small comb as Alpha demonstrates.
  5. Justin Bieber’s skin is a hot mess. He needs to do the four basic skin care steps like Tiege Hanley’s that every dude needs to have amazing skin.
  6. Joe Rogan is developing crows feet and has dry skin. He needs to use an eye cream and super serum like Tiege Hanley’s.
  7. Ryan Reynolds has angular features so a long beard and long hair doesn’t look good on him (he looks chubbier). He looks better, as most men do, with everything trimmed up.

Yo Justin! Yo Joe! You Both Need to Do This!

Your skin looking like a hot mess like the Biebs? Like him, you need to do a few specific things every single day. If you want your skin to be clear and glowing, wash your face twice a day (morning and night) to remove the dirt, grime, and oil that builds-up. Once a week, you need to exfoliate with an scrub to remove the top dead layer of skin on your face. It also helps keep your pores incredibly clean, preventing blackheads, ingrown hairs, and nasty pimples. Twice a day you need to moisturize — morning with an SPF20 and then at night to rebuild and hydrate so that you can wake up even better than before.

All of these products (Wash, Scrub, AM, PM) come in the Level 1 Tiege Hanley system. But if you’re a little bit older like Joe Rogan, you might want to go with the Level 2 box which comes with an anti-aging Eye Cream -or- Level 3 which is like the mack daddy, anti-aging, kung fu ninja stuff that comes with an anti-aging Serum along with the Eye Cream gentlemen.

Tiege Hanley has taken all of the guesswork out of looking incredible. In every kit, you get this an instruction card which tells you what product to use, in what order, and when. It also tells you how much to use. There’s even a handsome this hotline if you’ve got any skin care questions — Tiege Hanley has people available to help you look incredible! For a limited time, Tiege Hanley is giving a super special discount to you guys who want to try Tiege Hanley. Hit that link: Tiege Hanley