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BY admin May 20, 2019


10 Things ANY Guy Can Do to Look MORE Manly!

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Can you look manly without  beard? Yes, certainly! In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, Pete & Pedro , and Ollie has identified things that make men look super manly even without a beard. Alpha’s wife doesn’t think he’s a ‘bad boy’, but she thinks he’s handy doing ‘dude stuff’.

Methods to Being a Manly Man

  1. Able to build a proper campfire
  2. Wears denim trucker jackets
  3. Is handy
  4. Takes control of the situation
  5. Wears a watch
  6. Opens the car door for a passenger if you’re driving
  7. Shoots a shotgun
  8. Knows how to drive a stick-shift
  9. Wears flannel shirts
  10. Comfortable in his own skin

The Manliest Accessory

A watch makes a man look responsible, reliable, and sexy — and women love an exposed forearm. If you are looking to find an incredibly beautiful, sexy, stylish watch to look more manly, check out MVMT watches. The designs of these MVMT watches, such as Alpha’s murdered-out all black matte case with rose gold markers & mesh strap, are so badass. Another of Alpha’s all-time favorites is a little more minimal — it’s sleek with a white face, rose case, gray leather strap, and a design that reminds him of the IWC Big Pilot. And a new design reminds him of the AP Royal Oak — bad ass and macho manly.

Every single one of you should be rocking a watch even if you use a cell phone, because there’s something  different & classier and something that makes you feel good every time you look down at your wrist. Loving the watch you’re wearing is like a confidence boost. Loving the watch you’re wearing is a confidence book. Check out Alpha’s beautiful curated collection of MVMT watches, and then use the discount code to grab one, two, or possibly three at an amazing price. Gentlemen, watches are badass, they are beautiful, AND they make you look more manly: MVMT | check out Alpha’s personal picks and grab them at a discount

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