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BY admin May 29, 2020


10 Things Guys Wear That DISGUST Girls!

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In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM AaronMarino Pete & Pedro Tiege Hanley ENEMY is helping you not disgust your girl the way he disgusted his wife the other night. The jeans he thought were sexy, she thought were disgusting.

Sickening Styles to Stop ASAP

1. Jeans that are too tight — girls don’t like your package highlighted.

2. Discolored or sweaty pits — this is one reason why Alpha buys cheap white tees from outlet stores. Typically the yellowing is from the aluminum in your antiperspirant. But sweaty pits and sweat rings are also a turn-off so you can’t wear a deodorant without the antiperspirant. Sure you may not have the discolored pits, but now you have a potentially embarrassing situation. The solution for Alpha is to toss his (cheap) discolored tees.

3. Thumb ring or too many rings — if you’re going to accessorize with rings, don’t overdo it by only wearing one ring per hand. Also avoid the thumb and pinky finger.

4. Baseball hats — instead of wearing one all the time, wear it systematically. Also, some men wear hats because they are insecure about their hair.

5. Shoes that show your feet if your feet are nasty — make sure to trim your nails and file those callouses.

6. Offensive tee shirts — any tee shirt that makes you look stupid, ignorant, or like a child, ditch it!

7. Wearing a backpack (especially the string style) — they suck on multiple levels

8. Stained and worn-out underwear — just like your pits in white tee shirts, underwear become discolored over time as well. You’ll need to toss them when they get nasty. If you don’t want to toss, wear black underwear. And never wear boxers.

9. Any item that screams, “LOOK AT ME!”

10. Wife beaters — aka white undershirt tanks

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