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Dollar Shave Club
You are handsome — for now. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM¬† AaronMarino Pete & Pedro Tiege Hanley ENEMY says that you won’t be if you keep doing these specific things. Think of Alpha as ‘Handsome’s little helper’.

Why You’re Looking Less Attractive Little-by-Little

  1. Giving into peer pressure — you need to stick up for yourself.
  2. Drinking too much — overindulging will dehydrate you (skin gets nasty) and lead to overeating (gain weight).
  3. Smoking — it prematurely ages your face and skin. More specifically, weed makes teeth nasty, belly fat from munchies, and man boobs from THC.
  4. Using body wash or bar soap on your face.
  5. Not replacing your blade on a weekly basis — you increase the risk of bacteria & infection as well as razor bumps, burns, and ingrowns.
  6. The sun! — the rays are beating down on you unless you protect yourself daily with an SPF 20.
  7. Staying up too late — Alpha blames technology on this. Lack of sleep causes bags under your eyes and weight gain.
  8. Eating like sh!t — there’s a direct correlation between eating healthy and looking incredible. Give your temple what it needs to stay handsome.
  9. Bad table manners — don’t eat like a savage! Use a napkin & utensils and chew with your mouth closed.
  10. Not watching Alpha’s videos — he will help you look handsome and take care of yourself. Don’t miss a video!

Handsome’s Little Helper Tip

If you are using a blade that is less than ideal, you are increasing the likelihood of razor bumps, razor burn, ingrown hairs, bacteria, and infection. Not handsome! You need replace your blade once a week — and you can afford to. How? Rock-and-roll with Dollar Shave Club for crazy nuts affordable blades that are freaking crazy sharp. Grab the Shave Starter Set for $5 and receive the Executive Handle with the weighty Kung Fu grip handle, a pack of blades, and Dr. Carver’s Shave Butter (so cooling & hydrating!). Regular restock shipped for regular price thereafter.

Dollar Shave Club also has everything for men’s grooming needs — and with the holiday season here, they have your gift-giving needs covered. They have incredible gift sets, gift cards, and the Roblanco — a combination robe blanket poncho which is Ah-Mazing! Keep your handsome and give some too with Dollar Shave Club