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BY admin March 8, 2019


10 Things Stylish Men NEVER Do!

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Anson Belt & Buckle
In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro  is disappointed because you work too hard to make sure you’re sexy and stylish at the same time. But some things are being done that screw the stylish pooch.

Stylish Men {NEVER} Do These

  1. Wear jeans with butt bling
  2. Wear deep v-neck tees
  3. Wear worn out underwear
  4. Wear offensive tee shirts
  5. Wear belts with holes
  6. Cover their crotch with untucked shirts
  7. Store sunglasses on their head
  8. Wear black suits
  9. Forget to accessorize
  10. Button the top shirt button

Wear Belts with NO HOLES!

Stop wearing belts with holes! Anson belts are the answer — and are the greatest belt in the history of belts. Once Alpha found them, all other brands of belts suck! Anson belts are sexy and cool with no holes – they have a track system that locks into place. Use the trigger to release. One size fits all — just cut and add a buckle. They have a variety of belts (leather to canvas, thick to thin) and buckles (matte black, silver, gunmetal, antique brass) – build a box set with 2 buckles and 3 straps -or- 3 buckles and 2 straps. You can make so many combinations. Treat yourself! Check them out! Anson Belt & Buckle

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