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BY admin January 15, 2021


TOP 10 LIES Girls Tell Guys… That Guys Actually Believe!

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In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness, and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM AaronMarino Pete & Pedro Tiege Hanley ENEMY is going over ten lies that spicy senoritas say to gullible guys.

Spicy senoritas say THESE to gullible guys

  1. She swears she’s never done this before — then why is she so good at it? 
  2. She says that she’s only been with ___ number of dudes — multiply that number by three. There is a double-standard where guys boast, and girls play down their experiences.
  3. She says he’s only a friend — if she says he’s a friend, chances are she’s been with him.
  4. She doesn’t care how much money he makes — he doesn’t need to be loaded, but he NEEDS a job with a career trajectory.
  5. She doesn’t care what he looks like or if he’s not groomed — she does want you to dress well and your hair & grooming game to be amazing. Grab the ultimate Shave Starter set for $5 to assure you have your grooming game covered and you don’t overpay for blades. 
  6. She promises you won’t get mad — the questions which she promises she won’t get mad at include asking if her friend is sexy, if she looks fat, and if you love what I bought you. Careful how you answer!
  7. She doesn’t care if she gets a ring as long as you’re together — she doesn’t want to freak you out, but if she ever says this, time is ticking.
  8. She won’t tell anyone — the fact is she will tell her 3 best friends and her mother.
  9. She says her phone is about to die — this is the oldest trick in the book.
  10. She says, “No, please! Have mercy! Right there! Yes! Please! Oh my god!” — loosely translates into, “I want to go eat some pizza and watch the Kardashians.”

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