Top 10 Men’s Shaving DON’TS {THIS MUST STOP}

March 10, 2024
I love everything about grooming, from the trimming to the shaving to the tweezing. But I don’t love ingrown hairs, razor burns or bumps, and cutting my balls. Technically I didn’t love that time when I got too close to the old rosebud with a grooming tool and cut my butthole. So, needless to say, I have learned a few things over the years. I want to share those shaving notes that you should never do.

First, I want to talk about razors because one of the problems why men suffer from ingrown hairs, burns, and bumps is because of the modern razor. The modern cartridge razor is good because you’ll get super smooth, but it’s bad for several reasons. The cartridge razor has five blades and one head, which means every stroke is like five passes, and the problem is hair getting pushed or shaved below the skin’s surface. When it grows back, unless you’re exfoliating, it will get stuck and trapped.

Never do any of these when shaving or removing body hair

  1. Do not shave before you trim. If you grab your razor and go to town shaving, it’s a great way to cut yourself, but it also irritates you. Trim it down as short as possible before shaving.
  2. Don’t skimp on your grooming tool. Every guy needs a grooming tool to maintain a sexy beard and body. Whatever I’m trimming, I use the Brio Beardscape 2.0. It is the best tool I’ve ever used. You can take it in the shower, but honestly, trimming wet hair is not something that you should be doing. Brio also has skin-safe technology, including titanium rakes, ceramic blades, LED displays, and many double-sided attachments.  The Brio Beardscape is amazing for trimming your beard, fading, shaping, and manscaping. Special limited-time offer includes a FREE Zero Blade ($24.95 value).
  3. Don’t shave off your sideburns. Sideburns are sexy and give your hairstyle a finishing edge. They also provide detail and dimension, but you don’t look good when you shave them off at the top of your ear or when they are too short.
  4. Always shave your balls but not your butt cheeks. You do not want to look like a troll doll in a headlock. But before you shave your balls, ensure your hair is short enough. Also, never shave your butt cheeks. When your hair grows back, it’s like sitting on a cactus. You’ll also get a crazy amount of ingrown hairs and bumps because the hairs will get trapped. Using a grooming tool is a better option.
  5. Leg & arm shaving is a personal preference. If you want to shave your legs because you feel cleaner or more aesthetic, shave them. You’ll see more definition with shaved legs. This is also why I shave my arms. Shaving your arms with a razor is fine. Shave your armpits with a grooming tool. I shave my armpits because I feel like I’m cleaner & drier, and I don’t smell. I also don’t like hair that gets clumpy with deodorant stuck in it. Again, it’s personal preference.
  6. Exfoliate whatever you shave. Exfoliating will keep the pores open and prevent hairs from getting stuck and ingrown. It will help to eliminate bumpy and infected areas. Exfoliate with a puff or some type of rag.
  7. Never shave your brows. Pluck them instead. If you shave them, you’ll have fat cross-sections that look like a 5 o’clock shadow of stubble on your brow. Remove hair with tweezers by plucking from the root so the hair will grow back at a fine point. Also, don’t shave a widow’s peak. The more natural you leave your hairline, the better.
  8. Do not shave your pubes. After shaving, you’ll wear pants or underwear, which will start to rub the hair that is growing in. They’ll become ingrown unless you’re exfoliating diligently. I use a grooming tool and trim it up. I take it as short as possible.
  9. Groom your Happy Trail to Big Al’s base. If you have stomach hair, I recommend trimming it short but not shaving it. You run the risk of problems if you’re not exfoliating. Shave the base of Big Al because it’s more aesthetic and clean-looking. Also, shave your nipple hair.
  10. Don’t shave your face. Every dude should have facial hair, making you look more rugged and aesthetic. Unless you’re a Greek god with a chiseled bone structure like Adonis, hair on your face will help strengthen a weak jaw and make you look better.

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