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In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro received over 1,000 auditions for the Alpha M. Project Season 4. The field was narrowed to 24 and then viewers voted for the favorite top 5! Now Alpha is presenting episode 3 of season 4, featuring none other than ALPHA!


Alpha moved to Atlanta in 2009 for college and stayed for a job. As far as his wardrobe, he’s not dressing ‘badly’, but his clothes are old. He also admits he doesn’t know anything about style. Aaron’s so excited that Alpha is here! Alpha got his name from his brother, but he authorizes Aaron to use the name. After six years, Alpha got an undergraduate degree and then a graduate degree. Recently, he returned from a trip from Africa. Aaron noted that Alpha got braces a year ago — Aaron reinforces what he’s said a million times by reminding everyone that your smile is your best accessory, and if you don’t like yours, fix it!

Current Wardrobe

Alpha’s wardrobe is old, and the fit is off with some items. The first outfit is an opportunity for improvement. Aaron doesn’t care for the boat shoes, because they can be so much better. The jeans are big, especially for Alpha’s great physique. The color of the tee shirt and watch are both super cool. The next outfit features a suit that has some issues: there is only one button, the fly is broken, and the fabric is a bit rough. His sleeve is also not showing enough (he needs longer shirt), and the suit sleeve needs to be brought up. The pants need to be tapered, and the shoes can be a lot better. The third outfit is the best outfit that Aaron’s seen on the Alpha M. Project. It’s traditional West African dress. Aaron says that the outfit is gorgeous. On a side note, the shoes are not bad but not great — they can do better.

Grooming and Shopping Trip

At Dyar and Posta salon, Stephen creates a plan for Alpha. They plan to edge, tighten, and clean the hair style up. Aaron updates viewers about Alpha’s favorite place to shop. He exclusively shops at Old Navy, so hitting the mall and elevating the style, look, and fit of all of his clothes will be a ton-of-fun. Because Alpha didn’t fly out to Aaron, his budget is bigger. Also note that they’re going to shop for a leather jacket and sport coat but not a suit because Alpha never wears one. While they’re shopping, Aaron demonstrates the difference between the boat shoe and a super sexy & stylish option. He also states that the good news about the jeans today is that there are so many fits and cuts.

Presenting the New Wardrobe

The first outfit features fashion sneakers, incredibly fitting Banana Republic jeans with a matching belt, and long sleeve shirt. He looks incredible with his shoulders nice-and-broad. Alpha loves the jeans which are a different fit (slimmer) from what he’s used to. The second outfit is a bit professional, simple, classic, and a bit preppy. It’s all about the basics with the best fit: sick brown loafers, slim fit khakis, and a fitting polo shirt. The next dynamic outfit has double monk straps, dark wash slim fit jeans, oxford shirt, and a refined hoodie. With the following outfot, Aaron thinks it’s the best outfit of Alpha M. Project of all time. The All Saints leather jacket is the staple (amazing fit) with Chelsea boots, slim medium wash jeans, cool belt, and a simple black tee shirt. This new wardrobe of Alpha’s is so versitle!

Alpha M. Project Sponsored Gear


It’s a Wrap

Alpha said this is one of the best experiences he’s had in a while – a dream come true. He tried things he never would have on his own — and now he feels like a super hero. He thanks everyone for voting for him as well as his friends & family. He also thanks the sponsors who made this possible for him.