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6 Psychological Tricks to Be SEXIER to Women!

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In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness, and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM AaronMarino Pete & Pedro Tiege Hanley ENEMY is talking about pretty girls, sexy girls, and those that are both. He is also flipping the switch and giving you tips how to elevate YOUR sex appeal.

Take your sexiness from a 6 to an 11.5

  1. Wear red — it’s the ‘red effect’. A man is automatically viewed as more powerful, sexually desirable, and attractive across all cultures when wearing this color. If you rock red, you also stand out and look more confident.
  2. Be viewed as more fun and adventurous — take risks and take chances to be viewed as super sexy. Use the internet as your resource to find happenings & events in your area. Doing things outside of your comfort zone, you’ll meet more people {aka spicy senoritas}.
  3. Wear glasses — rock frames to instantly elevate your sex appeal. Showcase your style. Check out Glasses USA for badass frames at incredible prices. Try their virtual mirror to try on glasses — it’s a ton of fun! Glasses USA frames are the only ones that Alpha wears.
  4. Show your hands — you are viewed as less trustworthy if you hide your hands. You’ll look more attractive, sexy, and engaging by using your hands — you’ll also look more charismatic.
  5. Exude charisma — people are attracted to charismatic people. Keep in mind that you can develop charisma. Another aspect of charisma is being an active listener. It’s all about body language and engaging. You will seem interested by leaning in, nodding your head, and making eye contact. You’ll make people feel important.
  6. Ask someone for a favor — it’s about feeling important by helping out. For example: If you’re at a coffee shop, ask a senorita to watch your stuff while you’re in the restroom. You made a connection, and you are also viewed as sexier.

BONUS — experience something exhilarating with a spicy senorita, and she will associate that feeling with you.

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