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In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaMAaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro  is on his way to pick up Jaxsen who is in a ‘transitional’ stage of his life. Alpha is excited as this will probably be the first time he’s taller than his client!

Jaxsen’s Story

Jaxsen was born in a different body. His birth certificate said ‘female’, which over time he recognized that was a lie to him. Thus, he started taking steps to change the process. He’s transsexual rather than transgender since he’ll be going through all of the surgical procedures. The first part of transitioning was a new Facebook page where he was treated as a male. He said that was the easiest way to transition, with a support system and people recognizing you for who you are.

Jaxsen said that therapy was counter-productive for him. He said his social media network was more helpful. He started taking testosterone 3 years ago which his features started appearing more masculine and his voice dropped. He also had chest surgery which helped to change his outer shell. He’s battled depression, which he states is a persistent mental illness. He can wake up now, however, and know he’s better than he used to be. He’s here on the Alpha M. Project because he wants to be not only a male but a good looking male.

Wardrobe Analysis

Jaxsen does most of his clothing shopping at thrift stores. Alpha comments that the quality and fit can be better. Alpha starts going through his wardrobe, which he comments that the outfit Jaxsen’s wearing looks like he stole items from his little brother. The outfit can be better where he can be taken seriously. Next, Jaxsen’s suit is good and bad. He looks dapper in the top half, but the pants are gigantic. The pants need to be shorter and tapered, the shirt looks tired, and the tie is ‘cute’ but needs to be more ‘grown up’. The next outfit screams a lot of things that aren’t particularly good. The pants are baggy and need to be altered. The pant needs a slimmer leg that fits the booty.

The Makeover Begins

They start at Dyar & Posta Salon. Jaxsen has amazing curls with great body. Stephen wants to soften the curls with a relaxer, take the sides in tighter, and style where it can be wild & edgy on the weekends but business during the week. The Pete and Pedro Clay is used for shine and texture with a lighter hold. The result looks absolutely incredible.

Next, they head to Macy’s to find a suit. A suit separate is the best option for Jaxsen since he has a hard to fit body. His proportions will need to be tailored, but they’ll do the best job finding the best fit off-the-rack. In regard to the tie, it needs to compliment the lapel width. Alpha loves seeing Jaxen excited and happy, and he thinks this experience will do wonders for his confidence. Nordstrom Rack is the next stop where you can find smaller sizes. They find some nice fashion sneakers which will last a long time if taken care of.

The Rock Star Wardrobe

The first outfit is funky and fresh while keeping it classy: skinny GAP gray jeans with Hugo Boss high tops. He also is wearing an American Eagle button-up. The next outfit is smart casual: leather fashion sneakers, slim fit medium wash jeans, killer fabric belt, and a subtle and fresh button down with knit tie. The suit is up next: medium gray, white shirt, black tie for simple, clean, and sexy. The pants are cropped and tapered. The last look is the rock star persona: killer red Chucks, slim fit black jeans, black belt, and black casual tee shirt. The remainder of the budget was given to Jaxsen to fix his car.

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Jaxsen’s Parting Words

He says this experience was the best weekend of his life and adds that Alpha is truly authentic and opinionated which is great when you want to make changes in your life. He also said that his dad called him ‘son’ during this weekend, which was the first time ever. Jaxsen got the chance to show the world how far he has come, which his dad was shown that he’s earned who he’s become. He adds that he’ll never forget this experience and thanks all involved.