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Aaron Marino of alpha m. is meeting Brian, a 21 year old who recently graduated with a Biomedical degree. Fashion, style, and fitness were not his priorities. Alpha is doing things differently this episode, which he reviews with Brian.

Day One

Brian’s parents came to the USA from Korea when he was in 4th grade, seeking the American dream. Brian is a self proclaimed *science geek* and headed into a different career direction than what his parents were envisioning. Brian wants to be an entrepreneur and wants to pursue his dreams.

His wardrobe has been all passed down to him, and he wears a uniform every day. Brian demonstrates clothes that he typically wears. His clothes are drab and too large. His shoes are worn. In regard to his suit, Alpha wonders if he ever wore it in public as it doesn’t fit properly. The last outfit is also incredibly big too.

Fresh, fly shoes are the first fashion step. They stop at DSW for fashion sneakers, dress shoes, and one other option. They take a look around and scope out options. Alpha even runs into some fans! They score some Puma fashion sneakers, Johnston Murphy dress shoes, and Cole Haan saddle shoes.

Day Two

A bright and early appointment with Stephen at Dyar and Posta gives Brian a fresh, new cut. His hair is taken a bit shorter and tighter to look polished and professional. They are doing a few foils (low lights) for contrast and texture.

Shopping at JCPenney is where Alpha and Brian assemble a brand new wardrobe. Alpha gets excited over the Henleys and vests, namely the puffer vest. He also grabs some Claiborne slim fit dress shirts and slim straight Levi jeans. Brian tries on a pea coat and looks incredible. A cool medium blue suit that Alpha finds looks amazingly custom! All of those clothes were only $601!

Back at the condo, the combinations of the clothes will blow your mind. The first outfit is clean and simple. He looks young, fresh, and professional. The next outfit is for weekend wear, followed by a date night outfit option which is Brian’s favorite look. The business ensemble is next with the blue suit and fitted shirt. The last look is for cold weather and is super hip and cool.

Brian receives his sponsor gifts from Vitagoods, DazzlePro, Flex Belt, and RibbedTee. Thereafter, at dinner, Brian comments about the amazing life-changing experience. He gained friendship and unspeakable confidence that will change his life. He can’t thank Alpha enough for what he’s doing. He’s going home with more than a new wardrobe- he’s a changed man!