Heading to Tallahassee, FL, Aaron Marino of alpha m. is attending his best friend’s sister’s funeral. Aaron wants to be there for his friend and to comfort him in any way possible.  This started Alpha thinking about friendship.

You don’t have to love somebody because they are blood related. Relatives can be crappy people and you don’t have to love them. Friendship, on the other hand, is second to none. In high school, you have a lot of friends due to bonds of proximity and experiences. When you go off to college, you connect and develop friendships from people to whom you have things in common and you actually like.

Since college, friendships solidify into a core and solid bunch of people. His best friend, Steve, is why alpha m. started. Aaron tells the story about Steve who was the catalyst of alpha m. and the best person Aaron knows. Steve is Aaron’s friend for life and he cherishes the friendship. Cherish your friendships too.