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Who has ever heard of someone referred to as a ‘toxic person’? Who knows what the term ‘toxic person’ mean? Aaron Marino of alpha m. says that a ‘toxic person’ is that their behavior is not right or good for you. Everything is poisoned from this ‘toxic person’.  Have you been dealing with toxic behavior so long that you don’t see it?

Wash your hands of toxic people. If you give your distance to give yourself perspective, you’ll see that they’re causing more damage than good. Send them on their way with love and compassion. Move on with your own life with positive and productive people.

Here’s how to identify the ‘toxic people’ in your life. Is there somebody that…

  1. Criticizes you all the time?
  2. Constantly discredits your dreams?
  3. Lies to you for no good reason?
  4. Has nothing good to say about anybody?
  5. Is envious of your success(es)?
  6. You emotionally check-out when you are with them?
  7. You constantly feel like you are walking on eggshells when you are with them?
  8. Is an energy vampire where you feel worse after being with them?