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How to Shake Hands Like a Gentleman | Manly Handshake
The man hug is a bold and blatant show of affection between two dudes. It can feel awkward so Aaron Marino of alpha m. goes over man hug guidelines
  • Determine who you should hug: a man hug family and good friends. A man hug doesn’t replace a handshake as the go-to greeting.
  • Have an alternative plan of attack: you’re ready to go in for the hug but you are unsure they’ll receive the hug as planned. Go in with the handshake then elevate the arm. See demonstration.


Types of Man Hugs

  • Masculine option: see demonstration; it’s the closest thing to the chest bump as you’ll get.
  • Double hug option: see demonstration. One arm goes high; one arm goes low. Maintain proper distance, which is about a foot. Too close and the boys will be bumping. Once you’ve made contact, you have two options (1) triple pat with fist / open hand or (2) bump-and-release. It should last no longer than 2 seconds then release.