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Most of the time people think that Aaron Marino of alpha m. is picking apart everybody he sees. But this is farther from the truth. Unless he’s in the alpha m. zone he could care less.

Once in a while, however, he’ll be watching TV and notice someone doing everything wrong. The biggest problem that he notices is stripes. Also, he wonders why those on TV weren’t told that they look like a clashing fool.

The other day, Alpha was watching TV and a commercial came on for Trivago. The spoke person (Tim Williams) was wearing an outfit that was one of the most perplexing arrangements that Alpha has ever seen. The brown button-up shirt was tucked to the back so it looks slim- they get credit for that. Other than that, everything was wrong. He wears black jeans that are too long, no belt, weird boots, and bad hair. He’s just an actor playing a part in this commercial series as he wears the same outfit in each commercial.

So, who needs to lose their job at Trivago? Alpha starts with his hair. He’s 6 – 8 weeks past the time he needed a hair cut. He has no hair product. And his collar!? Where is this guy’s belt!? Who’s doing this!? Why did they go with this look? Someone put thought into his outfit and wardrobe. Someone thought this was perfect.

He needs a simple button-up white shirt, charcoal v-neck sweater, nice black slacks. Boom, done, he looks like a million bucks. This is not directed at Ted Williams – this is directed at Trivago!

Alpha can’t be the only person that when they saw this, they thought, “Really!?” Alpha is offering Mr. Trivago his services free-of-charge. Alpha is offering the ability for the brand to be represented in a much better way!