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We talk a lot about nonverbal communicating such as how we walk, stand, and make eye contact. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM¬† AaronMarino Pete & Pedro Tiege Hanley ENEMY says another important part of nonverbal communicating is how you use your hands. These hand gestures can make the difference between charismatic and boring.
Rules to Attractive Hand Communication
  1. Speed and tempo of speaking and hand gestures should match
  2. Hand communication zone should remain in the hand talking bubble: chest, waist, shoulders, and inside your personal space.
  3. Your fingers shouldn’t be stiff and robotic. Stay loose and limber.
  4. Make sure you hand movements are casual, and fluid — not fast and jerky.
  5. Always wear a watch — it draws attention to your hand gestures.
Draw Attention to Your Hand Gestures

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Most Attractive {and Unattractive} Hand Gestures
  1. Single fist hand pump — signifies encouragement
  2. Finger pointing — be careful with this one because it can look accusatory or scolding. Use it to say they’re awesome to be positive.
  3. Single hand clap — it signifies power and strength. It can also wake up people, have them pay attention to you, and you are the man.
  4. The teepee — signifies that someone knows what they’re talking about (aka expert)
  5. The U — it goes outside the bubble, but it brings them in, let’s them know they’re special, and that they’re valued.
  6. Angled hands, fingers open (but not spread), palms somewhat up — signifies being open and honest. Palms totally up with fingers spread wide signifies pleading and begging.
  7. Upside down hand is not attractive because it’s demeaning saying you are dominate.
  8. Kung Fu — you look stiff and robotic rather than warm and friendly.