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Living Lean with Alpha M | The Podcast Ep 42

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In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaMAaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro  is the special guest on’s podcast. The episode is called, “Living Lean with Alpha M.

Aaron Marino’s Background

First they talk alpha m.. Alpha discusses how he was into style & grooming from a young age, the start his image consulting firm, and then the start of his YouTube channel. He talks about the initial style videos and how he slowly started talking about grooming, etiquette, and relationships. Ultimately, he landed on men’s lifestyle and building confidence as a whole. He discusses his evolution as a YouTuber and a role model as well.

Fitness was Alpha’s background and his first love since the age of 12. He opened a few nutrition stores and fitness centers later in life as well as he was a body builder winning Natural Nationals. Being able to evolve alpha m. into giving more fitness advice is something that Alpha loves – and his audience loves. He has a deep knowledge and experience with it.

Alpha’s Program

Alpha is coming at bodybuilding from an image consulting perspective. In this program that Alpha is developing, there is a lot of working out, cardio, & diet during the 6 weeks. He also goes into some of the other components such as lifestyle hacks, grooming, and style tips. It’s a well rounded approach to feeling incredible, looking great, and a foundation for a life revamp.

Alpha passes along some life lessons about going to the gym. He discusses how to get started at the gym as well as how you must put in the time & work to become fit. He adds that failure sucks but what’s worse is never trying and having subsequent regret. Later, he talks diet and the importance of food prep & not eating out. He never has counted calories – he eats clean and knows his body.

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