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Umoro One
Alpha has found a super cool product that he digs! First, he tells a story of when he met his future wife and gained 30 pounds. He discusses how he changes his diet: drinking plenty of water and getting back to the basics with diet. He started carrying around water, protein, and shaker bottles. The fat came off.

Up until a month ago, he was carrying all of that cumbersome stuff around with him. Aaron Marino of alpha m. stumbled upon Umoro One. It’s not just a typical shaker bottle. There is a storage compartment for the protein powder or pre / post workout drink. He demonstrates how to make yourself ready to roll with a regular water bottle that converts unto your perfectly mixed drink.

Umoro killed it! It’s perfect. Why didn’t Alpha think of this!? This is ingenious! It’s shatter-proof, dishwasher safe, and only $30. To your health!