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Lunges | Stationary, Walking, Smith Machine
Jump Lunges
Free Weight Squats
Jump Squats
Killer Leg Superset | Lower Body Workout
Whatever you call your backside, Alpha is going over how to build a luscious booty. Aaron Marino of alpha m. gets a ton of emails from viewers about reduction of big booties. The solution for them is reduction of fat and and building muscle. Alpha discusses his big booty situation back in the day.

So, do you suffer from ‘Noassatall“? Do you have backside sagginess and flatness?  If you want some more booty, you can do these at home: lunges and squats! You can build a bigger backside to fill out your pants more. You can do them while watching TV. You can all do it– even if you have knee and hip problems (modifications).

There is no better booty bang for your buck is the lunge. It will give you fast results but it takes consistency. Add to your weekly workouts. You can’t just do the ‘mirror muscles’. It’s all about symmetry and balance. A well rounded physique and booty are highly sought after. You too can have a better booty!