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Aaron Marino of alpha m. presents an awesome chest thrashing! This workout is comprised of three exercise supersets that break down the muscle tissue. Two stretching exercises combined with a pressing exercise fatigue and tire that muscle tissue amazingly. The stretching motion results in a bigger, stronger, and muscular chest- not the heavy bench.

Perform four sets with a 45 second rest (don’t let the muscles totally recover). :

  1. Cable chest fly– let your elbows lead on the way up, keeping them high. Alpha loves this exercise and attributes his chest growth to it. Don’t go super heavy but maintain great form throughout. Start with 12 reps.
  2. Body weight dips– the assisted dip machine is an option, especially as you progress through these sets. Perform wide and deep, allowing elbows to come up and out. Start with 12 reps.
  3. Push-ups–  Going to your knees is an option.  Shoot for 20 reps.


A closing Alpha tip is to not do chest on Monday when everyone else is lifting chest. Do chest later in the week like Tuesday or Wednesday. Alpha does shoulders on Monday.