Do you have a clear open space and a wall? Body weight is amazing for leg workout, and Aaron Marino of alpha m. demonstrates how. Make sure your form is of utmost perfection.

You don’t need any fancy equipment. You just need yourself, some shoes, and space. Complete three sets.

  1. Start with 50 walking lunges, nice and slow with chest up.
  2. Next, do 50 body weight squats with chest up and down 90 degrees.  Don’t come all the way up to a stand and keep knees soft.
  3. Step-ups are next with 20 on each leg. Be careful with those if you have any knee issues- go to a low or single step.
  4. The last exercise is squat jumps (don’t do if you have knee or back issues). The plyometric explosion is key. Shoot for 25 jumps. Make sure you are methodical with foot placement and form. You can substitute with more squats.