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Aaron QUIT Manscaping for 30-Days!

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Dollar Shave Club
Alpha stopped manscaping for 30-days and the results were SHOCKING! He was a once a week manscaper, but for 2-weeks he didn’t have time. Then his wife was like, “Damn!” So, he let it keep growing. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, Pete & Pedro , and Ollie details the results of that hairy month.

The Manscaping King STOPPED!?¬†Here’s What Happened!

  1. He was more manly than he realized
  2. He felt depressed — he didn’t feel like he was taking care of himself
  3. He didn’t feel as sexy and confident
  4. He stunk! Mucho musky!
  5. He was sweaty — and it was noticeable
  6. It was harder to get his butt clean even when using One Wipe Charlies
  7. He didn’t look as good naked — not as lean or defined

Everything Is Under Control Now!

The Dollar Shave Club is Alpha’s razor ride-and-die, but they also have what you need to look great and smell amazing. Grab a starter set: Shave (razor + shave butter + blades), Oral Care (toothbrush + tooth paste) or shower (body wash + face wash + shampoo). Hit the link for a $5 starter set plus you can grab a new Grounds Keeper product for an additional $5. Restock boxes come directly to your door at regular prices. Dollar Shave Club

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