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Manscaping | Arm Shaving Tutorial

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A viewer wants to know why Alpha shaves his arms. The viewer is also interested about shaving his arms and how to do it.  Aaron Marino of alpha m. has NEVER talked about arm hair prior to this tutorial! So here you go!

First, Alpha takes viewers down the manscaping memory lane. In 9th grade, he Naired his arms and thought it was nice and smooth. The next day he attends Spanish class and one of his friends calls out Alpha about his hairless arms. He lied about it since he hadn’t embraced his inner Alpha M. at this point. He was incredibly uncomfortable. But ultimately, his arms have never had hair since then.

A lot of athletes and women shave their arms. It’s more socially acceptable but Alpha doesn’t know if it’s catching on. So, you want to shave your arms. How do you do it? Go over it with a clipper and then with shaving cream & razor. If you don’t want to go totally bald, trim the length with a facial hair grooming tool. Just be prepared for questions with an affirmative response.

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