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Grooming Tool Product Review: Norelco Bodygroom
Remington WetTech Head, Beard, & Body Grooming Kit
Sweet! Gentleman, Alpha’s found it! He finally found a grooming tool that you can take in the shower that doesn’t suck! Aaron Marino of alpha m. saw it the other day for $40- the Remington WetTech Grooming Kit. He gives the break-down:

The WetTech feels great in your hand, rubberized, and waterproof. It has a hook to hang it in the shower. The teeth are close together for a closer trim when grooming. You can replace foil shaver which has two trimming edges. You also have attachments, which clip on, are great. If you want to leave your masculinity showing, you can take out some of the bulk. You can do it on your arms, chest, crotch, nipples, and more. If you are a manscaper, the nipples are a bit on the sensitive side. It knocked it out no problem! Take it in the shower and do your manscaping business in there! No mess!